About the Authors

Associate Professor Carmen Reaiche

From Hong Kong Disneyland to the Australian Public Service, a career in project management has taken JCU Associate Professor Carmen Reaiche across disciplines and around the globe. Carmen first began her journey into project management over 25 years ago while she was working for an international oil refinery in South Australia. With a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Business Administration, Carmen was originally hired as a systems analyst. She has held a number of management positions where she has designed, programmed and supervised the implementation of project management systems and strategic plans for businesses such as General Electric, Mobil, Centrelink and Business SA.

Dr Reaiche holds an MBA from the University of Adelaide and a PhD from the University of South Australia in the area of project management/soft systems self-organisation. Beyond her research successes (including more than fifty papers to date and others in preparation) Dr Reaiche has obtained several research grants and a wide range of cross-cultural teaching and supervisory experience (teaching and supervising research students in Australia, Venezuela, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Malaysia). Her present research interests include project management, innovative systems, digital transformation, cross-cultural leadership and social network aspects of business management models. Prior to joining the College of Business, Law and Governance at JCU she was the Associate Head (Teaching and Learning) in the Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre at the University of Adelaide.

Dr Samantha Papavasiliou

Samantha Papavasiliou holds her PhD in business innovation and digital transformation in government and public sector agencies. She also holds her Master of International Trade and Development, Master of Applied Project Management (Project Systems), Bachelor of Social Science (with Honours) and Bachelor of Psychological Sciences from the University of Adelaide. In addition, Samantha is currently undertaking her Diploma of Modern Greek.

Samantha is a Certified Associate in Project Management, and is currently a Project Manager and Data Analyst at the Australian Taxation Office. Her work focuses on service review and redesign and the implementation of significant and fundamental changes to support lodgement and payment operations. Previously, she was a data scientist with a focus on predictive analytics and real time analysis, used to support the lodgement program.

Samantha is also an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at James Cook University in the College of Business, Law and Governance. In her role, she is supporting the development of the Graduate Certificate of Project Management. Additionally, her areas of research interests are in supporting digital transformation, understanding digital and complex project management and stakeholder management and engagement within these complex projects. Samantha also teaches project management at the postgraduate level, teaching classes ranging from fundamentals, to control methods and complex project management.

Dr Francesco Anglani

Dr Francesco (Frank) Anglani has pursued a career in project management from Europe to Australia, working as a project engineer and program manager in the public and private sector. Frank has also held academic positions at the Queensland University of Technology, University of South Australia, Central Queensland University, and most recently James Cook University, where he has been an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow in the Business, Law and Governance College since 2021.

Frank holds several international project management certifications, including a CAPM from the Project Management Institute, CPPP from the Australian Institute of Project Management, and SFC from ScumStudy. He is also a Certified Project Director at the Institute of Project Management where he also works as a trainer and assessor. Frank is also part of the Project Management Institute, Queensland Chapter, as Deputy Director of the Digital and Transformation portfolio, and was nominated as Deputy Director of the Membership portfolio.

Frank holds a Bachelor and Master of Science in Engineering Management, a Master by course work in Energy Management, and a PhD in Energy and Process Engineering. When he moved to Australia, Frank was involved in the Australian ASTRI institute, an international joint research collaboration worth $87 million, as a research scientist and primary investigator of innovative and effective operations and maintenance solutions for CSP plants. Frank was also involved in a European solar project as a research investigator.

Frank is a passionate project manager, and his research interests focus on the role of Cultural Intelligence and Digital Transformation in the project management domain and their effects on team performance.




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