Project management is becoming a core competence for all of us. Across the globe, complex projects are emerging to meet the challenges posed by work uncertainty and disruption. Project-based businesses are required to readapt and implement changes while exploring management techniques to better achieve project outcomes. We believe it is not just about managing processes to ensure that the strategic goals of a business are delivered on time, within budget and specification. These days, project management is more about adopting and implementing the right methodology to strategically deliver the project to a successful outcome. Project management methodologies equip the project manager with a set of principles to ensure that they achieve optimum project performance. This freely available project management eBook is the start of your journey in the field of complex project management methodologies, introducing you to some of the core methods, processes and tools as recognised by the project management discipline. This eBook lays out methodologies such as XP, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Six Sigma, PRINCE2, Waterfall, PRiSM, Soft Systems Methodology as well as introducing Project Design as a method so you can leverage the right project management approach. This eBook will be of value to students, practitioners, and businesses in Australia and overseas seeking professional development in the field of project management methodologies.


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