Versioning History

This page provides a record of edits and changes made to this book since its initial publication in the JCU Open eBooks Collection. Whenever edits or updates are made in the text, we provide a record and description of those changes here. If the change is minor, the version number increases by 0.1. If the edits involve substantial updates, the version number increases to the next full number.

The files posted by this book always reflect the most recent version. We are always seeking to improve our open textbooks. Please submit your suggestions, recommendations, and/or corrections here.

Version Date Change Affected Web Page
1.0 22 September 2021 Added eBook to JCU Open eBooks Collection.
1.2 13 December 2022 Accessibility Statement added
1.3 12 January
Versioning History added
1.4 13 January 2023 Video Transcripts added

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