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The JCU OER Author Guide is for those who want to publish an open educational resource with the JCU Library. It steps authors through the process they will undertake when working with the JCU Library Open Education team, and sets out guidelines and expectations for undertaking such projects.

The JCU Open Educational Resources Program is a library-led initiative that is funded by the Education Division.  This program follows a successful pilot project that was trialled during 2021-22. The program is linked to the JCU Open Scholarship Policy, noting particularly that:

  • 1) James Cook University encourages open scholarly practices across the research life cycle to ensure research integrity is maintained through transparency, and to maximise public benefit from JCU scholarship, and
  • 8) the University supports the adoption, adaptation, and creation of high quality Open Educational Resources (OERs) where they contribute to quality educational experiences and student success.

This guide is divided into five sections and covers the following:


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Open Publishing Guide for Authors by the University of Southern Queensland. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


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