22 The Final Check

There are several elements you will need to have ready before JCU Library can publish your text. Complete the following checklist before submitting your open text for publication.

  • Is your text copyright compliant, and compatible with your chosen open licence?
  • Does your text have an Acknowledgment of Country in the front matter?
  • Does your text have an accessibility information page in the front matter?
  • Is there an About the Author/s page?
  • Does your text have a cover?
  • Is all the relevant Book Information and metadata complete?
  • Does your text have an ISBN?
  • Have you adhered to or acknowledged any funding requirements?
  • Have you written a short description about your open text for the landing page?
  • Are all sources, including images attributed or referenced?
  • Are all images alt-tagged?
  • Have you ensured your text is compliant with accessibility requirements?
  • Is your text copyedited?
  • Is your text peer-reviewed?
  • Is your text diverse and inclusive?
  • Have you included any relevant supplementary materials, including any interactive resources?
  • Have you checked the structure and layout of your text, including elements like:
    • learning objectives
    • exercises key
    • takeaways.

Remember to refer to your Style Sheet [Word] if you are making any final changes to the text.

Resource – Prepublication Checklist

You can download and print the Open Text Prepublication Checklist [Word]. You can use the checklist to keep track of tasks and it can be submitted with your request for a final prepublication review of your work.

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