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The teaching materials included in this eBook are available under a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY license and may be copied, adapted and distributed freely.
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The teaching resources and lesson plans provided here have been created to promote the study and teaching of History, Legal, and Social and Community Studies in Australian classrooms and to promote the historical links to Eddie Koiki Mabo in Australian secondary education.

The three lesson plans provided have detailed and practical overviews of learning and assessment with examples and activities for teachers to use in:

  • Year 9 History unit ‘Making a Nation’ (PDF Document: Download)
  • Year 12 Social and Community Studies unit ‘Legally, it could be you!’  (PDF Document: Download)
  • Year 12 Legal Studies unit ‘Law Reform’ (PDF Document: Download)

Each unit includes lesson ideas, assessments, and resources to focus learning and help students relate to the content through effective and quality teaching. The resources explore human rights, human rights activism and acknowledge human rights abuses while teaching students about long-held incorrect beliefs that Australia was terra nullius.

These resources are included with thanks and appreciation to our Educational Contributors.




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