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Dr Florence Boulard

Dr Florence Boulard is the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching for the College of Arts, Society and Education at James Cook University (Townsville). She is also a senior lecturer (Humanities & Education) and the director of the Academy of Modern Languages at James Cook University. Her areas of expertise are in French Language, Education and Pacific Studies.

In sharing her passion for languages and cultures, Florence works in partnership with a range of schools in Queensland and in the South Pacific. She is the Vice-President of the Modern Language Teachers’ Association of Queensland and volunteers on the board of the Australian Alliance of Associations in Education. Her community engagement work is led by her desire to build stronger internationally-minded communities.

Eager to continue improving her practice as an educator and develop herself as a researcher, she completed her PhD in Education in 2018. Her thesis is entitled Making Australia’s East Side Neighbours Visible.  Through her research, she aspires to develop a Pacific literate nation to help transform the imagery of the Pacific and better connect with all people in our region.

The author can be contacted at florence.boulard@jcu.edu.au


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