This freely available learning and teaching resource would not have been possible without the generous support and encouragement of Alice Luetchford (Liaison Librarian, JCU) and Sharon Bryan (Blended Learning Librarian, JCU).  Acknowledgement must also go to past colleague, Dr Chris Mann who has continuously shared his deep knowledge of the target language and has contributed to this teaching and learning resource.

Thank you to the Queensland Department of Education International and DFAT New Colombo Plan scholarships, which to date have allowed for over 80 students and educators to participate in our James Cook University Pacific-French study abroad program.

Sincere thanks to French teachers across Queensland and beyond who have demonstrated their support for this curriculum transformation. In particular, Lorraine Thomas, Nadya Millecam and Ana Brandler.

I would also like to take to this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all Pacific Islander people whom each year welcome our students and educators into their country and generously share their culture and language with passion.

Finally, I thank all past, present and future French language students for choosing to take on the challenge of studying another language.

Merci beaucoup, tangyu tumas, oleti, malo tou ofa, māuruuru!


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