Students, practitioners, and businesses will all benefit from this free eBook, which focuses on project governance and asset management. Documenting best practices from design to implementation, including a review of existing frameworks, this eBook provides direction in the field of governance and asset management. Here, the ideas of assets and governance are brought together, and an agile governance framework is introduced. We hope to examine how these ideas may be used in project management in order to discover beneficial methodologies and approaches.

If you’re looking to build trust and transparency in decision-making processes, this eBook is a must-read. It is intended for individuals who wish to create an atmosphere that accelerates strategy execution and the attainment of organisational objectives while offering good advice. Everyone in the organisation, including project managers and stakeholders from outside the company, can have an influence on the governance framework of projects and the management of the business’s assets to capture value and strengthen the strategic direction. By providing the necessary leadership, direction, and protocols, an organisation’s asset management and project governance frameworks may assist to guarantee that its strategy and execution are in sync.

The structure of this book

The structure of this eBook has been organised so that the reader is able to locate section(s) that are of interest and it is not written to be read in a sequential format. However, it is recommended that the reader begin with Part 1, Module 1 prior to reading other modules, as it establishes the grounds for key concept definitions. In each module we have included a selection of interactive tasks, resources, and reflections to demonstrate how project governance and asset management domains, functions and processes are critical within a project life cycle.

Part 1 of this book describes the theoretical basis of asset management (AM) and concludes with an applied case study contributed by a practitioner. Each module covers a different aspect of the AM field:

Module 1: Definitions and importance of asset management and project governance

Module 2: Asset management fundamentals

Module 3: Asset management standards and models

Module 4: Product (asset) management case study: A defence perspective

Part 2 follows on from AM presenting the theoretical basis of project governance and integration of its respective processes. This section also concludes with an applied case study contributed by a practitioner. Each module tailors project governance, models and various forms of frameworks to specific contexts:

Module 5: What project governance comprises

Module 6: Core project governance principles

Module 7: Governance models and frameworks

Module 8: Public governance in practice: A developing economy case study

Module 9: Agile project governance

Part 3 concludes by linking organisation project management, governance, assets and projects in Module 10.


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