Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • The unfortunate reality is that not every project finishes (that is, is allowed to finish).
  • Every project must have a terminal point of shut down when the obligation defined by the scope is finally delivered.
  • The outcome stage needs the same diligence, management skills, and attention to detail as each of the other project stages.
  • It isn’t over until the client says so.
  • Successful project outcome (as a stage) requires a structured process, which needs to be followed.
  • Never forget to acknowledge and celebrate the team’s achievement.
  • Contract close-out is fraught with legal challenges – understand exactly what is required and from whom.
  • Archive all project documentation.
  • Make sure you debrief all the stakeholders that contributed to the project.
  • Share what you have learnt from the project with others.
  • The project completion review/report must be an inclusive document in its preparation and a public document in its distribution.
  • If there is concern about being able to perform the close-out activities, schedule them in so they become part of the project deliverable (perhaps a sub deliverable).



Review your Knowledge : 

  1. List some reasons why many projects do not issue final project reports?
  2. Discuss the five project termination options. Are there any other reasons why a project might be terminated?
  3. Explain the value of identifying and communicating the lessons learned throughout the project.
  4. Many project managers experience difficulties in celebrating the achievements of their project teams. What advice would you offer them?
  5. Why is change control (or configuration management) an important function of the contract close-out?
  6. Should the signed contracts themselves contain any reference to formal acceptance and/or disclosure requirements?




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