Project management is becoming a core competence for all of us. I believe it is not just about managing processes to ensure that the strategic goals of a business are delivered on time, within budget and specification. These days, project management is more about managing strategic goals while adapting to change and responding to ongoing disruptions. The pandemic, rapid urbanisation, digital transformation and environmental challenges are only some of the types of disruption faced by contemporary businesses. It is up to the project manager to ensure that the project management processes, as well as the projects and/or services themselves, are part of the readjustment required for business to survive these new challenges.  This freely available project management ebook is the start of your journey in the field of project management, introducing you to some of the core values, concepts and tools as recognised by the Project Management Institute (PMI).   This ebook draws on content from Project Management: 2nd Edition by Adrienne Watt and has been completely revised and authored to include my 25 years of expertise in this area.   This book will be of value to both students and practitioners in Australia and overseas seeking professional development in the field of project management.

Associate Professor Carmen Reaiche


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