Appendix: Members of the Expedition

Members of the Great Barrier Reef Expedition 1928-1929.

Name Official Title Nature of work No. of months on GBR Expedition
CM Yonge Expedition Leader Physiologist 12.5
FS Russell Deputy Leader of Expedition; and Leader, Boat Party Zooplankton worker 5
JA Steers Leader, Geographical Section Geographer 4
TA Stephenson Leader, Shore Party Zoologist 11.5
AP Orr Chemist and hydrographer 12.5
SM Marshall Phytoplankton worker 12.5
FW Moorhouse Economic Zoologist 12.5
AG Nicholls Assistant to Mr Yonge 12.5
GW Otter Zoologist 11
G Russell Assistant to Mr Russell 5
A Stephenson Honorary zoologist 11.5
G Tandy Botanist 5
MJ Yonge Medical Officer 12.5
JS Colman Zooplankton worker 10.5
EA Fraser Zoologist 4
SM Manton Zoologist 4
CE Marchant Geographer 3
MA Spender Geographer 11