This introduction to research methods eBook aims to provide undergraduate health professions students with appropriate guidance, knowledge and skills that are essential for research. Research is a process that produces new knowledge through scientific inquiry-based methods. Consequently, embarking on a successful research project requires critical planning and a good understanding of research methodologies. This eBook is packed full of practical tips and examples to equip students with the knowledge to conduct research, making it invaluable for students embarking on health research for the first time. The book covers the entire research process, starting with developing a research question, qualitative and quantitative research approaches, ethical considerations, data collection and analysis and the dissemination of the results of the study. Other contents covered in this book include conducting a literature review, designing a questionnaire, designing an interview guide and writing a research proposal. The engaging and insightful content in this book is focused on the needs and interests of undergraduate health professions students who are considering whether to undertake research but do not know where and how to begin and wish to understand the research evidence base for their profession. The eBook also has H5P activities such as interactive videos, presentations and quizzes that will enable students to connect theory with practice. Given its unrivalled and rich content, this e-book will be an essential partner for undergraduate health professions students who have little or no background in engaging with research. It will support the students in pursuing interests in research and making contributions to the existing body of evidence-based research. Ultimately, this eBook will contribute to the development of tomorrow’s clinical researchers and future leaders in the advancement of health professions research.

There has been an ongoing global concern that the number of health professionals undertaking research is declining, with reference to the clinical researcher as an ‘endangered species’. Research training and experience in undergraduate education is therefore essential to foster motivation and engagement. It is important to make research understandable, especially to undergraduate health professions students who will eventually proceed into clinical practice. Understandably, research can be seen or viewed as a daunting task by students given the broad and sometimes complex concepts that they are required to understand before they can embark on research. This eBook will simplify and break down these concepts for the students. The free availability of this eBook will make it a lifelong companion for the students that can be referred to even after completing their degree. Currently, textbooks on research in health professions are either expensive or too complex for undergraduate students to understand. This eBook will bring research to life and address all these gaps.


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