The Taxonomy for Credentialing Australasian University Educators (TCAUE)

1 Background

This project is funded by the Council of Australasian University Leaders in Learning and Teaching (CAULLT). CAULLT is a lead organisation and advocacy association for academic development in Australian and New Zealand. The project extends the work of the CAULLT sponsored “Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching” project (2017), and the Professional Recognition and Development Research survey (2019).

The original project goals were to:

  • Create a micro-credential taxonomy for foundations of learning and teaching utilising the CAULLT benchmarking survey results.
  • Utilise the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) in a pilot study for the taxonomy’s implementation.
  • Establish a CAULLT Advisory Committee to monitor the taxonomy across institutions.
  • Produce a micro-credential-based taxonomy for foundations of learning and teaching adaptable for higher education providers in Australia and New Zealand.

Following a review of literature and educational frameworks, the project was revised, expanded, and improved, as explained in the following chapters.