The Taxonomy for Credentialing Australasian University Educators (TCAUE)

9 Lifelong Learning, Continuing Currency, and Review Cycle

To permit institutional flexibility, the taxonomy is free of temporal and currency regulations and recognises that educator development is part of the larger lifelong learning ecosystem. Providers draw on their own institutional plans, course and subject review procedures, learning and teaching frameworks, internal credentialing processes, and professional development pathways as part of the cycle of review and improvement.

Benchmarking suggests that institutions may instigate a three-to-five year cycle for review of professional development. This is usually linked to capacity-building frameworks, human resource records, enterprise agreements, and the ability to attend to requirements of relevant staff qualifications, such as those articulated in Australia’s Higher Education Standards Framework (HESF) or by the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF).

Initial review of the taxonomy is expected to take place under a shorter timeframe, and will incorporate institutional, staff and learner feedback following initial implementation.