The Taxonomy for Credentialing Australasian University Educators (TCAUE)


The Taxonomy for Credentialing Australasian University Educators (TCAUE) is inspired by the original work of Chalmers (2007), Chalmers and Gardiner (2015), the CAULLT Professional Recognition and Development Research survey (2019), and a review of literature (Dinan-Thompson, Bajema & Cowden, 2021), all of which reinforced the need for a recognition framework to drive and reinvigorate teaching excellence in universities.

The TCAUE recognises and values the varied roles that educators have in student learning, and makes transparent the pathways for personal and professional development. As an Australasian credentialing framework, it is underpinned by regulatory requirements, is aligned to qualification and micro-credentialing frameworks, and permits university contextualisation and portability.

The taxonomy is written from the standpoint that learning and teaching quality should be practice and evidence-based. It encompasses the full range of university educator roles, and learning and teaching contexts/communities. Educator profiles of Associate University Educator, Foundation University Educator and Advanced University Educator have been established to outline descriptions of practice, and to recognise sophistication and advancement of knowledge, skills, application, and impact. These are indicative, and not intended to be prescriptive, nor exhaustive, in nature.

This is an inquiry-based model for scholarly practice, reflection and continuous improvement, which presents the Dimensions of Learning as Engage-Apply-Evaluate. The model is learner centred, aligns with the Australian Qualifications Framework’s (AQF) Domains and Descriptors, and in the central positioning of reflection and continuous improvement brings to the forefront a focus on learner data, evidence-base, and impact. As educators in practice, users can replicate the model to build inquiry, exploration, and assessment into their learning and teaching.

The taxonomy describes Six Essential Focus Areas, which have been identified from research and survey data (aligned with professional learning frameworks and resources currently utilised in university foundation programs). The final section of the taxonomy presents the Australasian University Educator’s Credential Outline. Institutions complete the Credential Outline to assure consistency, transparency, credibility, and portability in the utilisation of the taxonomy. Each institution may customise the Credential Outline to meet its individual needs and values.