7.4 Designing alternative assessment

The following outlines some considerations regarding your choice of assessment method, which includes academic integrity, equity, and assurance of learning outcomes.  Are there ways, other than an online exam, for example, that you can assure students’ learning and achievement of the learning outcomes?

First, look at the range of assessment methods available as outlined in the “JCU Learning, Teaching and Assessment Procedures” (2022) [section 3.2.1a]. It is important to note that this list of assessment methods is not exhaustive and, while it has been provided to promote shared understanding, there may be some variation in definitions according to discipline and/or context.

Assessment methods

Alternatives to online exams

Now that we have looked at a full range of assessment methods, based on academic integrity, equity, and assurance of learning outcomes, what alternatives can we consider when choosing the ideal assessment method for our cohort?

The chosen assessment method must be capable of measuring the intended learning outcomes not already measured in the subject and ensuring equity.

As with all forms of assessment, reasonable adjustments will still be needed for students with health conditions, disabilities and injuries.

The following item has been adapted from: Giulia Forsythe

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