5.4 Integration of educational resources

Where students are required to engage with readings or other materials not created by someone at JCU (i.e. the copyright is not owned by JCU), the best practice approach is to ensure these learning resources are added to the subject’s Readings list. This best practice ensures that learning content adheres to copyright legislation, and also enables students access to a single repository for all readings (including text books, Open Educational Resources [OERs], webpages etc.).

When considering text books for your subject, we encourage you to explore if e-versions (including OERs) of suitable text books are available.  E-versions and OERs greatly reduce the costs for students in accessing their required learning resources, these resources are more accessible and also enables students to interact with these resources more flexibly.

Please contact your discipline’s Liaison Librarian for assistance with creating and planning Readings and electronic resources for your subject.


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